NYMA District 202 Serving Long Island and New York City

Business Interruption / Disaster

Is your business prepared for an unexpected interruption? In the event of a power interruption/failure, flooding, storm or severe weather, do you know what to do during and after to keep your business operating? If you are looking for a way to prepare, recover or grow after an interruption/disaster, SCORE can help- providing information, guidance, support and tools needed to continue operations and grow your business.

Contact any one of the many SCORE NY Metro Area Chapters for assistance and information.

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NY Metro Area SCORE business professionals deliver FREE, confidential, valuable advice for you business interruption/disaster preparedness or recovery needs.

SCORE’s business experts can assist you prepare and or recover you with free, ongoing mentoring, sharing real-world advice and know-how.

Below are some free resources that can help your business prepare for unexpected disasters.