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Success Stories

Becoming a success story, with the invaluable support of SCORE and its mentors, is a journey of transformation. Together, we navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and transform dreams into thriving businesses, embodying the power of mentorship and entrepreneurship.

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SCORE NY Metro Area’s Westchester Chapter helped these entrepreneurs develop their idea into a profitable business that’s expanding in revenue, projects and personnel. How can they help you?

AIDS Service Center of NYC

Watch and Listen as Executive Director Sharen Duke triumphed over a financial crisis.

Long Island Women’s Empowerment Network

Watch and listen as Julie explains her idea and journey.

Petite Fluery Bakery

Watch and listen as Laurie tells her story about pursuing her dream.

Jonathan Gordon writes

“Putnam SCORE literally saved my business! I am the sole proprietor of a recording studio that provides a mix of creative and technical services in the music and audio fields. I had no business training. While I had strong professional skills and credits, I seemed to plateau at a certain income level that was short of my goals. When there were troubles in the wider economy my income started to slide further and I had no idea how to combat the falloff in work. I was seriously considering closing my studio. It was at that point, at the suggestion of a family member, that I contacted Putnam SCORE.

Although mine was far from a textbook business, the men and women of Putnam SCORE worked diligently with me to develop promotional materials, identify potential clients, and especially to develop marketing and sales strategies. They encouraged me to identify the strategies that were working for me and refine them. Most importantly they taught me that sales and marketing were an essential part of my business and needed to be done consistently, creatively and effectively.

It has now been about a year since I first consulted SCORE. I have a large number of new clients, and my gross receipts are on track to exceed the previous years receipts by over 50%. There is no question in my mind that the help I received from Putnam SCORE made this possible.”

Patricia Shih- Shih Enterprises, Inc writes

“SCORE has encouraged and guided me on ways to expand my business and to achieve certain goals. They were also extremely helpful in introducing me and getting a meeting with important people in Public TV. Even though I did not achieve my goal of getting a TV show, I was encouraged by the response. I have hired a publicist to get my work better known on a regional and then national level. SCORE has provided me with the encouragement I needed in this very difficult business.” (www.patriciashih.com) Huntington, NY

Marianne Bee founder of Bee Well Elder Care writes

“SCORE was extremely helpful in assisting me and my ‘start up’ company. They provided me with outstanding coaching and honest feedback on my business plan, marketing and sales materials, pricing, legal, finance and website development. I am proud to report an acceptable level of profitability in my first year of operation.” Garden City, NY

Janice Cohen writes

“Down-sized” and living in Rockland County Where do I go from here?! It was Friday October 13, 2006 when I got a call that nearly floored me. My employer informed me that I had been ‘down-sized’ because we had not made our projections. During the days and weeks that followed I went through a range of recurring emotions. As time passed, my attitude began to change and I began to enjoy not having to answer to a boss and be a slave to the almighty “Blackberry”, on call 24/7. Yes, it was a great pleasure being out of the rat race! But, finally, reality set in; “I was minus a steady pay check!” A steady paycheck was something I had become accustomed to my entire working life. Now, I was suddenly without it and the thought of not having one scared the daylights out of me.

This fear began to diminish slightly, however, when I applied for New York State unemployment insurance. I received a letter from New York State Unemployment informing me that I was eligible for a state funded program called, Self Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) which would allow me to continue receiving unemployment benefits while starting my own business. I decided to take advantage of the program and attended a SEAP orientation meeting where I also learned about Rockland SCORE, a volunteer organization of experienced business people who provide education, counseling, and mentoring to new and existing small business owners. As part of the SEAP program, I attended a seminar series offered by Rockland SCORE and met the consultant who would serve as my mentor over the next twelve months.

In February 2007 I formed “Marketing Gateways”, my consulting company which has given me: a source of income, an opportunity to continue to use my expertise and former business contacts, a favorable tax advantage for a home-based businesses, the opportunity be my own boss; more leisure time; and less stress. Over the course of the next few months Rockland SCORE and my consultant:

  • Helped me to organize and structure my consulting business.
  • Understand how to establish realistic fees and develop proposals for clients.
  • Provided me with advice on how to find good clients, set up agreements, control. costs, and make a profit.
  • Helped me through the bureaucratic obstacles of starting my new business such as registering a business name.
  • Counseled me on selecting experts to handle legal, tax, and accounting issues.
  • Helped me to build my self-confidence so that I could be successful.

Since February 2007, Marketing Gateways has become a successful consulting practice and I have developed good clients who are using my services. My consultant and mentor, Larry Greenberg, and I still meet to review progress and he continues to ask me the tough questions as well as helping me find the answers. Rockland SCORE has provided the guidance and the foundation to enable me to, once again, establish confidence in myself and to gain the skills I needed to build a viable and profitable consulting practice. (www.marketinggateways.com) Nyack, NY